Understanding loss and grief

Published: February 21, 2021

In this session we interrogate grief and discuss the general overview of how it is manifested especially in this time of solitude and separation. For many Kenyans, the pandemic has been a perennial series of hardships, grief and bereavement and in this regard we believe no one should be left to grieve alone.


More than ever we have seen the importance of mutual aid and community solidarity especially in helping each other access their needs to survive, in this session we discuss the particulars of grief, how to combat it and the importance of self care and mutual aid in terms of combating grief communally with the various disruptions to our daily lives and rituals that allow us to combat grief in our daily lives.

The sessions was facilitated by Suhayl Omar with Reson Sindiyo (Registered counselling psychologist) and Sitawa Namwalie (Author and Poet)

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