Teacher training – Growing Positive School Environments

Growing Positive School Environments for Maximum Academic Achievement is an interactive training course designed to suit teachers at all levels, this course will help strengthen positive teacher – student relationships and create academic environments that are versatile, resilient, conducive and student friendly.



  • Practice of foundational behaviours management strategies that lead to development of a positive school environment as a teacher and for your students 
  • Learn the skills and tools to unleash positive emotions 
  • Understand benefits of effective communication skills 
  • Better understand the impact of teacher student relationship and the effect on  students 
  • Appreciate and value professionalism and your role in creating a conducive working environment 


  • Become more aware and sensitive while working with students 
  • Learn to nurture students according to their individualism 
  • Nurture students to appreciate the need for rules and boundaries. 
  • Nurture an environment of professionalism and accountability 
  • Appreciate professionalism and better understand workplace policies and management