Cost and payment

Our sessions are once a week.
In general we recommend six counselling sessions to begin with but on many occasions more or less are appropriate. We believe that clients can take an active role in determining how many sessions are needed, depending on your goals and level of distress.

While we’ll make recommendations you are ultimately in control.

COSTS: per hour, per session (ksh)
Individual session – 4,000/=
Family session – 6,000/=
Couple session- 6,000/=
Supervision – 3,000/=
Group session – 1,050/= per person for 2 hour session

Payment and cancellation terms

  • Sessions should be paid in full BEFORE commencement of therapy.
  • Cancellations should be made 24 hours before session
  • Sessions cancelled 24 hours before, payment will be carried forward to next session.
  • Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours /no show will NOT be refunded
  • Invoice and receipts provided after each transaction.