Counseling Services

“Our own genuineness can have a significant effect on our relationship with our clients. If we are willing to look at our lives and make the changes we want, we can model that process by the way we reveal ourselves and respond to our clients” – Gerald Coreyve therapist”

The foundation of my work is to provide you with a confidential, private, and supportive safe space.

The procedures and techniques I use include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual, family and group counselling and psychotherapy.
  • Crisis intervention, disaster and trauma management.
  • Assessment techniques for the diagnosis of psychological disorders.
  • Programs/workshops that educate and inform the public about mental health, school, family, relationship and workplace issues so that problems can be prevented before they start or reduced before they escalate.
  • Consulting with organizations.
  • Program evaluation and treatment outcome (e.g., client progress).
  • Training.
  • Clinical supervision.
  • Test construction and validation.
  • Research methodologies for scientific investigations.

Clients served include:

  • Individuals, groups (including couples and families) organizations
  • Clients of all ages, such as children who have behavioural problems
  • Late adolescents with educational and career concerns or substance abuse problems
  • Adults facing marital or family difficulties, career changes, or overcoming disabilities
  • Victims of abuse – domestic violence, rape, incest, sexual
  • Older adults facing retirement

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